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Paid Web Hosting vs Free Hosting
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The only upside that comes with free web hosting is of course that it is offered free of cost and the domain name too never costs you a dime. Well, that's about the only upside to free web hosting. This option is great for users who just want to get a feel of the web hosting industry or are interested in just establishing a simple presence on the web. Free web hosting however comes equipped with loads of advertisements in the form of banner ads, pop-ups, floating pop-ups and so on.

Furthermore, the user's URL would have the web host's name on it ( This could reflect a lack of professionalism for your online website and thereby is not recommended for users who are trying to establish a long-term online presence. Furthermore, free web hosting companies do not offer enough bandwidth as compared to paid web hosting services.

With free web hosting, the user wields less or no control over their account and the company can change their terms and conditions at any time. What's more? The company may even remove your account from their servers if you do not sign up for their paid services. A free hosting account comes with limited features that could stifle and restrict future growth of your website. Now, these limitations can seemingly be detrimental for your website.

So if you are thinking of having more than just an online web presence, paid web hosting is a much brighter option to be considered. However, if the user is just planning to use the website as a personal website for friends and family, then free web hosting is a wiser option.

For online business and creating a niche on the World Wide Web, paid hosting is an ideal option. There are a wide variety of web hosting companies that offer highly affordable hosting accounts. These packages are usually equipped with all the essential tools, features and services required to host your website. The control panel available with these accounts allows the user to control and manage various aspects of their hosting account.

With paid hosting, the user hosts his/her own domain. So if in the event the user decides to change his web host provider, he can easily transfer his domain to his new provider without losing out on traffic.

Furthermore, paid hosting services come outfitted with various features and utilizable tools as well as 24/7 customer support through toll-free phone, email or even live chat. The user gains access to ample disk space and bandwidth, which is usually missing with free web hosting. However, it is only wise to choose a paid package that perfectly befits your website needs. Do not get lured into "unlimited bandwidth and disk space" schemes.

This is because if your website requires a specific amount of bandwidth and disk space, it is futile paying for features and bnadwidth/diskspace that would not be utilized. Therefore, ascertain and analyze your website needs and then select a paid package that is customized to your needs and budget.

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