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Online Web Project Management System (CRM)

Online Project Management is have full ability to create projects for a company and then assign a variety of items to track with that project. Inside of a project you can setup milestones to track progress.

Checklists and tasks can be associated with projects as well as discussion boards, where you can place communications between your company and the company associated with the project. You can also create quotes and invoices within a project that will allow you a quick and easy way to keep track of payments associated with particular projects.

You have a full document repository associated with each project that will provide you with a central location to place relevant documents. Again, all functionality within projects can be assigned to specific users and subscribed to as well.

Support tickets can be created and associated inside of projects and assigned to various categories (categories that you define in the control panel).


Accounting System

Send quotes and invoices easily!

Your industry can be anything that requires quoting and invoicing, ideally the service-based industries are targeted with this initial release. More industry-specific variations are currently being created.

Manage projects, tasks, files, and a calendar.

Manage projects quickly and easily through web base application. You have the ability to assign tasks, keep track of time spent, add files to a project and so much more.

Features Highlight

  • Project Management

  • Task Management

  • File Management

  • Time Tracking

  • Calendar Viewing

  • Project publish/unpublish capabilities

  • Project Group Management
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